Welcome to the 4th Extracellular Vesicle-Based Therapeutic Development Summit: Accelerating the Discovery, Translation & Large-Scale Manufacturing of Exosomes & EVs

Built with biopharmaceutical industry insights, this in-person conference will delve into different types of extracellular vesicles (EVs) from various cell sources as a solution to deliver treatments safely and effectively. Learn how to optimize your translational route towards safe and effective clinical development in a broad range of diseases.

With 3 days of unrivaled content and two dedicated tracks, this year’s summit will be putting the spotlight on cutting-edge strategies from discovery, translation, and clinical development of modified and unmodified exosomes and EVs, to accelerate this emerging field forward.

Whether you are challenged by characterization, scale-up manufacturing or regulatory considerations of your EVs or simply are looking to optimize your translational route towards safe and effective clinical development, you will find this year’s summit your one-stop shop to gain meaningful insights and cutting-edge data.

Tailor-made to showcase the latest innovations and interactively discuss the industry’s most important talking points, join 130+ movers and shakers of the field from the likes of Codiak BioSciences, Rion, MDimmune and Aruna Bio at this must-attend summit to successfully optimize, accelerate and scale your extracellular vesicle-based therapeutics towards the first clinical approval.

Among Our World-Class Speaker Faculty

Chulhee Choi


ILIAS Biologics

Linda Marban


Capricor Therapeutics

Michael Bellio

VP- Research & Manufacturing; Laboratory Director


Seung Wook Oh



Anna Kostrzak

Research & Development Director

Evora Biosciences

Christopher Paradise

VP- Research & Development


Gary Hao

VP- Analytical Sciences

Codiak BioSciences

Terrance Hogue

VP- Medical Affairs

Florica Therapeutics

With 35+ pioneering speakers from innovative biopharma and KOLs of academia who are shaping the landscape of exosome and EV-based therapeutics for the scientific community worldwide, join us in Boston to hear how they address the major challenges facing the industry:

Tune into How Companies are Innovating Characterization Strategies of EVs

Unraveling emerging characterization as a method for understanding product heterogeneity and structure-activity relationship in EVs and advancing proteomics on exosomes to improve protein identification with insights from Codiak BioScience, Aegle Therapeutics & Florica Therapeutics

Optimize the Latest Advancements of Functional Cargo Delivery

Unlocking insights in payload delivery and cargo loading of EVbased neural stem cells in CNS and in engineered exosomes as gene delivery tools for the treatment of glioblastoma. Hear from research institutes and companies like the MD Anderson Cancer Center, Aurna Bio & ReNeuron Group

Overcoming Challenges of Large-Scale EV Manufacture & Successful Translational to Clinical Level

Deep dive into the latest technological approaches to advance isolation and purification of EVs towards scale-up manufacturing of clinical-grade material in a reproducible manner with insights from Oragnicell, Rion & Fralin Biomedical Research Institute at VTC

Explore the Current Pre-Clinical, Clinical Landscape & Future Directions of the EV Field Across Different Therapeutic Applications

Shining a spotlight on the therapeutic potential of engineered exosomes in inflammatory diseases and CNS disorders as well as novel exosome-based therapies for treating colorectal cancer with EV Therapeutics MdImmune & ILIAS Biologics

Gain Insight into the Regulatory Landscape to Accelerate Clinical Approval of EVs

Exploring considerations on regulatory CMC dossier preparation of EV- based therapeutics and outlining important regulatory considerations for accelerated clinical approvals with Codiak BioSciences & Rion

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