2022 Partners

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Expertise Partner

At Lonza Cell & Gene Technologies, we provide contract development and manufacturing services that enable pharma and biotech companies to realize life-changing cell & gene therapies for their patients. From the building blocks of life to the delivery of your therapy to patients, our solutions are created to simplify your outsourcing experience and provide a reliable outcome when you expect it. Our unmatched expertise in process development, paired with our standardized, systematic approach to cGMP manufacturing have already demonstrated our ability and capabilities to successfully take cell & gene therapies to commercialization time and time again. We continuously invest to solve not just the current, but also the future challenges. Together, let’s realize your life-changing therapy.

Website: www.lonza.com


Innovation Partner

RoosterBio manufactures high-volume, well-characterized hMSCs paired with bioprocess media systems and reagents that radically simplify production of Extracellular Vesicles (EVs). Having a consistent, ready-supply of hMSC and EVs enables RoosterBio product users to leap ahead in research, product development, and manufacturing and enter clinical trials much faster and at much lower cost than older, slower, more expensive methods. 

Website: www.roosterbio.com

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Innovation Partner

NanoFCM designs advanced analytical instrumentation allowing the measurement of extracellular vesicles (EVs). The NanoAnalyzer platform offers a flexible, high throughput solution to for the single-particle, multiparameter characterisation of EVs using nano-flow cytometry. By measuring simultaneously physical size, concentration and phenotypic properties, the NanoAnalyzer assesses the presence of given biomarkers in EV samples in liquid biopsy applications. It is also used in the development of EV-based therapeutics, to confirm product purity and yield based on payload.

Website: www.nanofcm.com

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Exhibition Partner

Having a clear picture of nanomedicine formulations like vaccine, gene, and drug delivery vehicles can mitigate the risk for unexpected complications. CryoEM simultaneously assesses drug encapsulation, morphology, uniformity, lamellarity, impurities, integrity, and aggregation, and is a powerful, orthogonal technique in any analytical toolkit. NIS provides rapid, flexible and cost-effective access to cryoEM with expert knowledge and established infrastructure to accelerate projects and gain a better understanding of your formulations.

Website: www.nanoimagingservices.com

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Exhibition Partner

Fujifilm Wako provides unique and high-quality tools for EV production and manufacturing quality control. Our PS CaptureTM isolation products are based on the specific affinity binding between Tim4 protein and phosphatidylserine (PS) exposed on the surface of EVs, which enables the isolation of biologically active EVs from small to larger production scales. Tim4-based PS affinity is also employed in our highly sensitive and specific EV particle quantitation solutions for your QC needs. 

Website: www.fujifilm.com