Pre-Conference Focus Day

9:00 am
Registration & Morning Coffee

9:25 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Ex Vivo Production of Large Quantities of EVs: Challenges & Opportunities

9:30 am Panel Discussion: From Lab to Patients- Biopharma View on Enhancing Scale-Up & Manufacturing Strategies of EVs


  • Discussing advantages and limitations of EV large-scale manufacture
  • Exploring enhancements of technical tools to overcome limitations
  • How to maintain efficiency when moving from small-scale to large-scale EV manufacture?

10:30 am Large-Scale Manufacturing & Testing of EVs from Stem Cells & Biological Fluids in Pre- Clinical Models

  • Michael Bellio VP- Research & Manufacturing; Laboratory Director, Organicell


  • Exploring a bioreactor methodology for producing Mesenchymal Stem Cellderived EVs
  • Harnessing biological fluids to extract therapeutic EVs
  • Investigating EV products in pre-clinical cardiac and pulmonary models

11:00 am
Morning Networking Break

12:00 pm How to Successfully Translate EV Manufacture to Clinical Level


  • Comparing different technological approaches and more of a differentiation to advance isolation and purification of EVs
  • Adjusting technical tools when moving from research development to CMC
  • Scaling up this manufacturing of clinical grade material in a reproducible manner

12:30 pm Scalable Mechanoregulation of EV Production & Bioactivity


  • Using 3D printed perfusion bioreactors to increase EV production and improve EV bioactivity
  • Employing microfabricated devices to exploit stem cell confinement for enhancing EV bioactivity
  • Parsing roles of shear and flow in exerting effects on EV producer cells through finite control off EV producer cell microenvironment

1:00 pm
Networking Lunch

Optimized Isolation & Purification of EVs for Large-Scale Manufacturing

2:00 pm Industrially Scalable Isolation Method for Milk Derived Exosomes & Choosing Optimal Analytical Tools

  • Spencer Marsh CSO; Postdoctoral Research Associate, The Tiny Cargo Company; Fralin Biomedical Research Institute at VTC


  • Is tangential flow filtration the best technology to purify exosomes?
  • How isolation methods differ for specific EV populations
  • Translating multi-step isolation methods to a manufacturing scale
  • Learnings from the shortfalls of scaling up EVs

2:30 pm Scaling Up Stem Cell Differentiation & Purifying Exact Exosome Subpopulations


  • How to scale up stem cell differentiation
  • Unravelling analytics to characterize exact population of interest
  • Purifying populations through combinations of filtration, TFL and chromatography

3:00 pm
Afternoon Networking Break

3:30 pm Extracellular Vesicles Engineering & Their Roles as Carrier of Therapeutics Agents

  • Carlos Salomon Gallo Associate Professor; Head of Exosome Biology Laboratory, The University of Queensland


  • Using EVs targeting cancer cells and human placenta which can be beneficial for women with placenta deficiencies during pregnancies
  • How to scale up the production of EVs
  • Scaling up a variation of different batch of EVs and certain quality control GMP conditions
  • How to modify targeting of EVs
  • How to incorporate molecules inside of EVs. Fusing with lipid or synthetic nanoparticles

4:00 pm Scale Up of EVs Derived from Probiotic Cells & Their Role in Immuno- Oncology


  • Large scale production of EVs derived from attenuated bacterial cells
  • How genetic engineering of these EVs leads to their non-toxic and safe use EVs
  • Oncology applications and T cell stimulation in the tumour microenvironment

4:30 pm High Throughput & High Purity Exosome Isolations Using Capillary- Channeled Polymer (C-CP) Fiber Phases; From Microliters to Milliliters & Shooting for More


  • Discussing the isolation of EVs from different cell sources e.g. blood, bacteria
  • Rapid isolation and quantification of EVs for process monitoring
  • High efficiency reduction of contaminants during purification for proteomic characterization
  • Balancing optimal purification of extracellular vesicles with high yield in EV and therapeutic efficiency at large scale

5:00 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks & End of Pre-Conference Focus Day