“We see this meeting as a golden opportunity to interact with other leaders in the field so that we may all move forward and advance our goals in the development of cutting-edge therapeutics” 

Christine Ichim, CEO, Florica Therapeutics  

“The field of extracellular vesicles continues to expand. We are delighted to take part in this event with leaders in the space as we share our insight on this growing field” 

Linda Marban, CEO, Capricor Therapeutics 

“Through the meeting, we want to advance the reality of exosome platform-based therapeutics” 

Gi-Hoon Nam, COO, ShiftBio 

 “Learning from others’ experience through sharing of clinical and preclinical data and manufacturing techniques. Education on clinical manufacturing techniques currently being used for clinical trial manufacturing”

Michael Bellio, VP- Research & Manufacturing; Laboratory Director, Organicell

“This meeting brings together leaders in the exosome technology space to discuss the challenges facing the industry. In doing so, it creates a valuable platform for discussion and learning from multiple viewpoints and areas of expertise. It is a great opportunity to learn from our peers as we innovate together”

Christopher Paradise, VP- Research and Development, Rion

 “This meeting is an excellent gathering of some of the most innovative developers of EV therapy. It is a chance to meet and discuss developments, obstacles, and successes”

Shelley Hartman, CEO, Aegle Therapeutics

“The meeting provides a great environment for learning about the latest developments in therapeutic translational use of EV technology” 

Steve Stice, CSO, Aruna Bio